The Microsimulation Glossary

AIMSUNAdvanced Interactive Microscopic Simulator for Urban and Non-Urban Networks. A micro-simulation tool developed by UPC.
ATTAdvanced Transport Telematics. Transport systems which use advanced computing and telecommunications components.
AVMAutomatic Vehicle Monitoring. Any system which keeps track of vehicle positions. Commonly used for systems which track public transport vehicles.
DRACULADynamic Route Assignment Combining User Learning and micro-simulation. A micro-simulation tool developed by ITS.
GETRAMGeneric Environment for Traffic Analysis and Modelling. The framework within which AIMSUN works.
ICCIntelligent Cruise Control. A system which controls the speed of vehicles allowing fast moving platoons to be formed.
KITEA DGXIII funded project concerned with modelling the environmental effects of transport.
NEMISNetwork Micro-Simulator. A micro-simulation tool developed by Mizar Automazione.
PATHPartners for Advanced Transit and Highways. The producers of the world's largest bibliographical database pertaining to Intelligent Transportation Systems.
RTDResearch and Technological Development.
SATURNSimulation and Assignment of Traffic to Urban Road Networks. A tool used to assess the implications of a wide variety of transport schemes, used by transport planners throughout the world.
SCOOTSplit, Cycle, Offset Optimisation Technique. An advanced adaptive UTC system used in many cities throughout the world.
SITRA B+An urban Traffic Simulation tool developed by CERT.
SMARTESTSimulation Modelling Applied to Road Transport European Scheme Tests. A EC funded project whose aim was to improve road-traffic micro-simulation models.
SPEACSA single car motorway micro-simulator developed by Mizar Automazione.
TEDIA network building tool in the GETRAM suite.
UTCUrban Traffic Control.

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